When I began writing online content, search engine optimization was a foreign term. So, how did I became interested in becoming an SEO Specialist?

Professional SEO was kind of a weird concept for me at first. Being a Filipino, we were brought up believing that college courses were the only way to land jobs (or to make money).

SEO in the Philippines

As of this writing, there is no official college course about SEO in the Philippines. The nearest would be Information Technology or Computer Science courses, which I dreaded because of the math subjects.

Nevertheless, it didn’t stop me from learning SEO. As I wrote 5-8 articles per day at the time, I also read why my content was important.

When I was near my graduation, I started to look for actual SEO work. Lucky enough, there was one gig where I had to handle just basic tasks. As I learned more, it turns out that what I was doing was actually considered to be spammy.

Road to Becoming an SEO Expert

Let’s take this for an analogy. Imagine that you are a line cook in a huge restaurant. Would you want to become a line cook forever? Or would you rather have your own restaurant in the near future?

Content writing is a huge part of SEO, but I’d like to head my own team some day. Everything and everyone starts small.

Currently, I am an in-house SEO Specialist. There’s a lot to be learned and I’m lucky enough that I can experiment freely while still delivering solid results.

The path to becoming a well-rounded SEO expert is still long and arduous. Still, the experience and challenge will help me grow more.

I’m still using my Multimedia Arts background for some parts of digital marketing. It’s better to have many skills than none.