Wish 107.5, one of the top FM stations in the Philippines, is now set on serving more music goodness and some bonus features with their new mobile app.

The Wish107.5 App can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS systems. If you like listening to the awesome performances on their YouTube channel, you'd definitely find something for you in the app.

Wish 107.5 App Features

First and foremost, Wish pushes some of their content on their official website and onto the app.
Some of the content users can expect them to include the Wish 107.5 Bus performances from your favorite OPM stars, exclusive live performances, and the latest posts from WishCard Bloggers (more on that in a minute)

Wishers can also use the Live Streaming tab to listen to the Wish 107.5 radio station at any time. It's a useful feature for those who cannot get enough of Wish.

Wishcard for Wish 107.5 App Users

Wish107.5 users are eligible to get their very own Wishcard which can be used for various promos and rewards.

The Wish107.5 App also includes a Rewards tab for those who want to exchange their Wishcard points for cool merchandise and other items. There are also promos where the Wishcard can be used to get freebies and discounts with Wish’s partner establishments.

Wishcard Bloggers

Wish has recently partnered with bloggers who post about their partner establishments and businesses. You can see our content on the app’s front page. There are even some with promo codes that can help users rack up points.

Some thoughts about the Wish 107.5 App

Wish has a lot of content ready for consumption in their app. However, I personally would like a search feature functionality so that I’ll be able to quickly find a performance that I like. It would be also a great place to house all of the Wishbus performances that everyone loves. A music player would even be better.

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